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Excellent breakout, with some  really nice features. I love the quirky graphics. I've played a lot of  freeware breakouts  over the years and this definitely stands among the best freeware breakouts (e.g.  Beat Ball,  DX Ball,  Peoing,  Jardanians,  Jarkanoid 3, Powball and Takamaru to name a few of the freeware games I still play occasionally) .

 I'd love to see MadCowBalls on Steam;  I would be happy to pay the same price as MadCowsBalls 2 (which I purchased but can't get to work {possibly due to running Win 10 Pro}. Personally I think your v2 is worth more than what you are selling it for).

I've played hundreds of breakouts  since the very first one was released back in the 1970's;   I spent a small fortune on  the original Breakout  via one of those  stand alone  cabinet games from the late 70's  (while I was in the army over in Germany; it used to cost 1 Mark  for  three  goes -  that was  about £0.33 at the time as the pound was devalued while I was over there)  and throughout  the 80's they were popular in most  public gathering places.  They even had ones  where you could sit down and play via a table  like cabinet. 

I think this free version is well worth some money.  Maybe you should add it as a DLC for  your Steam version?  I realise you have to pay to get  games  on Steam, so you could  ask the community via the  news page  for MadCowsBalls 2,  to gauge whether it would be profitable.  I don't know Valve policy, but they do allow  free games on their site.  Maybe it could be added aas a free DLC for MadCowsBalls 2.  That may evn boost sales for  your commercial version?

Sadly   breakouts don't seem to have been very popular for the past decade, at least with developers.  There have been a few decent ones released   since  the seminal Ricochet Infinity was released back in 2007, but generally breakouts  are sorely deficient on both Steam and generally.  :)

Regards Whiterabbit01


Thank you. This game (MadCowBalls) doesnt seem to work as expected on my own computer. I will likely add most of the feature and graphics to the MadCowBalls2 as a game mode or upgrade path.

MadCowBalls2 had a bug in the launcher. If you had problem when unresponsive launcher you may try again. Its also possible to launch the game (Search for MadCowBalls2.exe) without the launcher.

My friend code on Steam is 52198326. Feel free to add me. I wish the arcade cabinets would come back. I missed the era as im too young.

Sadly you have to pay the same amout to lancuh a DLC, Soundtrack, Demo or a full game on Steam. I think that may be the main reason why there are so few free gams on Steam.