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I purchased this via Steam  when it was released as I love breakouts; but I  cannot get the game to work.
All I get is the installer window (see attached image) with the two Start buttons for Arcade and normal play plus the other  buttonssuch as Options,  Exit etc, but none of the buttons work.  I've tried every  key on my keyboard and my mouse to no avail. 

To the developer Martin, please help.  You can email me on

Regards Stephen Brown aka Whiterabbit-uk

p.s. I've  validated all the files and they work.  My system runs Win 10 Pro


Sorry for the inconvenience. There was a bug that i fixed in patch 2.3, unresponsive launcher. Its also possible to launch the game without the launcher (Search for MadCowBalls2.exe). It had something to do with the window being out of focus the first 2 seconds. If you have the patch you will be able to resize the window and the launcher should scale up or down, just as the playable game.

Thank you and i hope this solves the issue. I will send an email aswell.


Martin Eriksson