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Am I allowed to make the same type of simulation, with better accuracy and detail then I add it into itch for free??

I saw the twitter for the fermi paradox game, I'm going to make it an accurate simulation than a game.


Yes of course! That would be awesome. As more people explore the Fermi Paradox with games as better! If you have something playable please keep me updated. I would love to check it out. 


Thanks! Here is how it looks so far. The Civilizations randomly spawn spontanously, they slowly level up through the ages, they always have a chance of going extinct. Until they reach level 13, where they become interstellar. I will replace levels with Age names e.g. Bronze age, Industrial Age, Singularity age, etc.

I will give the player a bit of control in the simulation though, so far you can only control speed. The simulation's main purpose is to understand why we can't we find alien life all over the milky way. I'll make it so that civilizations can form alliances and declare war with each other.

What do you think about it?