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Joerg Reisig

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@David Yes this would be really cool, I will try to put this in in the next weeks. :)

I really like the idea of ritualistic star observations

I really like the writing, but it it is hard to navigate back to the mainpage. I would love to read more about this universe ...

This is simply lovely. What an amazing idea.

I really like the idea. It is super tedious to find some planets or even life, but I guess this is the point.

The overall style is very nice, my favorite part is the music.

Thank you :)

I added a downloadable Mac version for this :)

That would be awesome, i think I will have a external build for alpha testing in the next months.

If you like send me your email to joergreisig@gmail.com and I write you something as soon as I have something testable.

Yes I do I want to have something playable from start to finish around summer.

I try to update my progress here https://twitter.com/FermiGame and here https://www.facebook.com/fermiParadoxGame/

I really love this! Will you make at some point a Mac build?

What a great game! I really like the mix of a classic civilization game and the idle component.

The fostering of civilizations in parallel is really nice. I currently try a similar approach in my current prototype. ( http://twitter.com/FermiGame )

I implemented a HIGH SCORE system! Everybody post your high scores here!


Yes it is an endless roller ;) I want to add a scoring system and fix the failing issue before the end of #MelonGameJam

I have a crappy Ipad2 and can test a OSX version on my old macbook pro.

Your game looks fantastic.

I would love to play a mac build of the demo :)

This is adorable and pretty fun to play.

Changed the Web Version to HTML 5 and added a Mac build

Ups , thank you I will update the description

Version 1.1 - I fixed some small bugs and added some more star systems.

Thank you. I am actually working on a bigger Fermi Paradox game with more narrative, decisions and less chaos then this one.

I really like the minimalist look and the serious approach to the subject.

Known Issues :

  • Sometimes ships without names are spawned.

If you want to give feedback or have ideas for interesting planet names, extinction events or features just write something down in the comments below.

Known Issues :
  • Performance is very bad in some browsers ( Safari ) but it works quite well in Chrome
  • Opponents sometimes make wired moves
What is the maximum chapter that you reached? Post it in the comments, plus any feedback is welcome.

Know Issus are that sometimes the Capsule is not reachable and Performance can be bad sometimes ( download the PC version for better performance )

Look interesting, but nothing seems to happen. I only get an empty plant pot and nothing happens on left mouse clicks. Restart and waiting does not help ...