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Hello!  I got this game in the bundle and was looking forward to checking it out but it is not particularly friendly with my resolution (3440x1440) I was just curious if you were considering adding support for more resolutions?  

Hello, we don't currently have plans for supporting more resolutions.


Hi Wadey Pie,

You could always  change your screen resolution temporarily to accommodate the game, just right click on your desktop, click on display settings, the scroll down to display settings. I know this is  'maybe' a little inconvenient, especially if you don't use one of those programs that keeps a memory of where your  desktop icons are placed as  sometimes changing resolutions can upset the arrangement.  

The following  links  may help:

p.s. please don't take the above as a condescending reply.   I was just trying to help. I'm also sure there are convenient freeware programs that can help with  resolution changes.




Hey Whiterabbit, I didn't take it as condescending at all, I actually wasn't aware you could fix the aspect ratio problem with wider monitors.  I've only just recently gotten an ultrawide so I'm not familiar with all of the workarounds just yet.  Thank you for the info!  I'm definitely gonna give the game another try now.

Hi,  hope you figured it okay.   I sometimes change my  resolution when playing older games that  only play in a window. The lower the resolution, the  bigger the window becomes.   Take care and stay safe in these uncertain times.  



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