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Thanks for playing, glad you had fun :) After the credits if your a completionist there's filling up the catalog of the Lost Lands and Treasures.

Thanks for playing and the feedback :)

We are playing with the idea of giving quest items guaranteed spawns in Lost Lands, which should make that easier while still making it a hunt to find.

Thank you for the kind words, we're really happy you've been enjoying the game :)

We will look into those stability issues you are having, I'm glad they haven't gotten in the way of your enjoyment.

If you back up to where Flicker is sitting another rope should appear at the base of the cliff. The easiest way to use ropes is to put it in the hotbar or right click it in your inventory.

The image isn't loading. Where did you get stuck at?

Hello. Sorry you're not enjoying yourself. It's been a hard balance between making things being too hard or being trivial. Early game torches are the most important items, and if you faint in the cave a free torch should be waiting for you at the town fountain. The slime sparkles are to warn you before it eats something, so if you hear it you should have enough time to run over and get the item before it is eaten.  The cave-ins need to wait for the player to be near, otherwise they would never be a threat. If you see where one is, with a little practice you should be able to trigger one and get back to safety before the rocks get to the floor.

The no-dig zones are special areas with good treasures hidden with-in. There should not be any gap between the surrounding terrain and them, we are looking into what is causing this. Let us know if you have any other issues or if there would be something that would make it more enjoyable.

Thank you :) We're glad you're enjoying it. We did have a lot of fun with the character designs and making sure the clothes worked for having tails. The cave-ins might be a bit too often but we wanted people to be cautious as they explore.

Hello, we don't currently have plans for supporting more resolutions.