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Wait...are you honestly conflating "Libertarian" with Nazi? Libertarian is literally the exact opposite of Nazis in basically every form.  Nazis were hard nationalist fascists while libertarians are basically diet anarchists. One seeks total governmental control, the other seeks almost total governmental abolishment. Its literally like claiming Communists are secretly Capitalists. They're just not the same. 

If you really believe that then...I think your society's obsession with Nazis and fear of returning to them is coloring your perception of reality.

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no I am not, they are conflating those ideas. iam not calling libertarians fascists, just pointing out a number of right wing radicals claim to be libertarians nowadays. look up right wing libertarianism and educate yourself about "querfront" tactics, and yes libertarian fascism exists as well. I am an anarchist myself and have had to discuss human rights with those nazis claiming to be libertarians, while they were defending social darwinism. and don't lecture me on nazis in my country. look up AFD in Germany, the "die rechte" party, the NPD, the "identitarian movement" and the third way "the third path" (correction as in German they are called "der dritte weg"). those are nazis and they are really active here. they don't goosestep anymore, they don't argue with race but instead with "culture", but it's the same old bs just in a new coat of paint.  parents here told us as children facism had been overcome, but it hads not. your assumptions about fascism aren't entirely correct either. there were different fascist movements, the german fascists diverged a lot from the italian fascists for example. they even called their movement national socialism (who is conflating what now?). but that is historical fascism.