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no I am not, they are conflating those ideas. iam not calling libertarians fascists, just pointing out a number of right wing radicals claim to be libertarians nowadays. look up right wing libertarianism and educate yourself about "querfront" tactics, and yes libertarian fascism exists as well. I am an anarchist myself and have had to discuss human rights with those nazis claiming to be libertarians, while they were defending social darwinism. and don't lecture me on nazis in my country. look up AFD in Germany, the "die rechte" party, the NPD, the "identitarian movement" and the third way "the third path" (correction as in German they are called "der dritte weg"). those are nazis and they are really active here. they don't goosestep anymore, they don't argue with race but instead with "culture", but it's the same old bs just in a new coat of paint.  parents here told us as children facism had been overcome, but it hads not. your assumptions about fascism aren't entirely correct either. there were different fascist movements, the german fascists diverged a lot from the italian fascists for example. they even called their movement national socialism (who is conflating what now?). but that is historical fascism.

Very cool! I chuckled hard and liked the story a lot. Not sure I will look at mosquitos the same way ever again though... now I am pondering their sex lives, wth?

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Well I live in Germany and eventhough people don't want to hear it and argue about it all the time, there is literal nazis everywhere. They are in our parliaments, on talk shows, teaching in universities and schools and massively present and active in police and military. Not a week goes by, without hearing about more nazi infrastructure being uncovered, cops stashing munitions and weapons on the side for "day X" or cops who post openly racist and völkisch bullshit on twitter or cops exfiltrating information about LGBTQ and antifacist activists to neonazis so they can terrorize them. I think the representation in this game is very accurate, looking at the UK, France, Italy, Hungary, Rumania, the US and russia it seems to be the same. Only difference to reality: Reality is less colorful and we don't have mechs to stomp the facists, otherwise I'd be out there crushing them. They have already been normalized, let's call them by their names: NAZIS. They are not just alt-right or libertarian or whatever the fuck they call themselves. EDIT: sorry, I know this discussion is 2 years old, but I just had to add that.

yeah it happens for me in the new stable 0.30 as well. I die and then the game seemingly does stuff in the background, but I can only see the splash screen. I noticed that the music initializes and plays and I cannot get the game to minimize (playing fullscreen), so I can't even get into the task manager. Have to reboot. Weird, but I guess a freeze is the wrong description. Maybe I should play in windowed mode and see if that works as expected.

I'll check if I can reproduce it tonight and report back. After reading someone describe a similar problem in the bugs thread, I think the game didn't freeze after all but some weird focus problem might have occurred instead.

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Hi there! First off: I love the alpha so far. This is going to be very cool when it progresses further.

So I was starting out on my adventure, built some stuff and started exploring a bit with the brand new machete I built, when I was killed by some dudes. The death screen showed and after that the game reset to presumably show the title screen again, but that didn't happen. 

It got stuck on the voided pixels studio splash screen, then I killed the process. I didn't get an error message or anything. Are there logs somewhere that I could post? 

Tried the game on windows 7 by the way.