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This is terrific! It manages to convey a huge amount non-verbally and lets the puzzle emerge organically out of what the player observes, reminiscent of the excellent puzzle design in the Witness.

A couple of observations without spoilers:

1) The use of music tipped me off to something in a way that came from outside the game rather than within it. Maybe it's too purist, but I wonder if there's a way to have something diegetic (ie contained within the sensory reality of the game world) perform the same function?

2) There's a solution that doesn't require interacting with one of the rooms/fully exploring/gathering all items. (I'm not sure if this affected the outcome)

Thanks a lot for your feedback! With respect to the music, I see your point. There are a few tips (sound and visual) that are there to try and clue you in to the same thing. I just wanted to provide a few different ways of realising that point in case you missed one of the others, but having said that you're right that it's the only clue of that kind in the game and so perhaps it would be better to have something in its place. The second solution was actually caught by someone in playtesting, but I eventually decided to leave it in because I quite liked it. If you do make it to the end without using a certain item there's a little Easter egg in the credits!