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I was playing the game, and got to the bit after the robot makes you fall down the waterfall and you have to dodge the rocks.
I then tried to jump up a platform to the area with the two doors, and the game crashed, which turned the screen black and prevented me from exiting it.

i then turned my computer off, but when i turned it back on everything was zoomed in, and i'm unable to change the resolution using the windows menu.

Anyone know what i could do?

Edit: the resolution is 800x600, just like the resolution of the game...

Wow, super weird issue! I really don’t have any definitive answer on how to solve this. I mean, if you’ve restarted your computer and the game is closed, then you should have no problem changing resolution through the windows settings.

I guess what you could try is: go into the options and change the fullscreen mode to Borderless. In this mode, the game can’t affect the windows resolution whatsoever (If it was already on borderless, then it couldn’t realistically have been the game’s fault?). Or have you tried simply changing the resolution in the ingame options?

Anyways, this might just be something with your computer and not the game… it’s hard for me to say. Keep me updated with if you’ve fixed it or not :)

Yeah, it looks like it was my graphics card failing.

Sorry for all this...