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the bundle link no longer works for some reason

Swarm clone?
countless insects coming together, a bit of shadow magic and illusion, and Bam! a convincing, but ultimately Disposable, doppelganger.

whats that enemy? you think you lured your target into a trap? too bad! that wasn't the real one! she's actually behind you with a knife!


wonder if more summoning would be possible? like a cloud of bats that travel around and slightly damage enemies over time?

very nice


1. do her Enemies need to breathe? because i kinda like the idea of her using that to her advantage, i.e dragging foes down, or sabotaging diving gear.

2.story wise, with enough blood, does the healing have limits? i.e limbs? I'm imagining her pulling the Deliberate Injury Gambit Trope in order to get somewhere, or to beat a boss that lacks that ability.

3.Nice,  i'm guessing the hearts can be drained for blood?

4. can you pet the bloodhounds?

"She can't get inside houses uninvited,"

What happens if someone rescinds the invitation while she's inside the house? does she pull a True Blood and slide out? or does she just get damaged for as long as she's inside?

was just linked this game, what powers do you plan on being available, and would any of them show up in cutscenes? i.e Vampires don't need to breathe, and i saw a post mentioning swimming, and many vampires have powerful regeneration abilities, so having those be mentioned in cutscenes, or utilized outright, might be interesting.

Very interesting.
any chance you could add in water and swimming?


Any chance there could be some watery things later on?

After all...shapeshifting should allow for gills...
And if You have gills....and your enemies Don't....
Well, lots of options open up...


Yeah, it looks like it was my graphics card failing.

Sorry for all this...

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I was playing the game, and got to the bit after the robot makes you fall down the waterfall and you have to dodge the rocks.
I then tried to jump up a platform to the area with the two doors, and the game crashed, which turned the screen black and prevented me from exiting it.

i then turned my computer off, but when i turned it back on everything was zoomed in, and i'm unable to change the resolution using the windows menu.

Anyone know what i could do?

Edit: the resolution is 800x600, just like the resolution of the game...