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Great work!! - an issue: After loosing a ship it's like it gets stuck to the landing platform 1-2 seconds when you re-appear. You hold down thrust and try to fly right or left but nothing happens for 1-2 seconds.

I analyzed this and it is "by design". When you're airborne the ship controls function 100%. But lifting off slow and/or being too close to the platform blocks turning (as long as you're in danger of being destroyed for landing in odd angle).

The Original would destroy the ship quite easily in this case. I wanted the Remake to be a bit more relaxed is this area.

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Thanks for explaining! - I guess it does make sense for most players.

The down-side is that it removes quick and competent maneuvering from the advanced players. In the original you could quickly lift-off and blast the opponent right away -- but with this new restriction you can't use your skills optimally (the attached video is  a mod'ed version we made to challenge us even more - that's how we played it mostly).

Please consider adding an option for "Turn off safe lift-off" for us super nerdy experienced Raketti pilots :)

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Uploaded a test version. I think its better and doesnt require any settings.

Tell me what u think - and ill fine tune it a bit / make it the master version.

Oh great! - thanks - I'll check it out ASAP :)

That works just fine! - thanks a lot :) - good work!

Awesome. Thank you for the feedback.

Made it "current version"