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Updated. Boundaries on the playarea. Keeping score.

Thank you for the feedback

1) this might be difficult to achieve bcs now the collision check is much more accurate. 

What this means is that often on the amiga the shot would be well inside the ship when collision is detected as the steps are longer for example 10pixels. But on PC due to higher refresh rate and more accurate collision checks a step might be 5pixels. And when a shot is more on the egde -> more shrapnel end up out side the ship and not cause damage.

So it would take some tricks to be more authentic. But I might do some trials.

I did it from scratch, with permission from the original developer.

The original source codes are indeed lost forever.

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All players need to select a "player name" or <No one> - you cannot mismatch a "name" and "no one".

Default keys for selecting player are CTRL and ENTER for players 1 and 2. These keys can be configured in the settings page.

When all players have selected their names or no one - the game starts.

Or you can disable Turboranking so the game starts right away.

Hey, what tools do you use for coding this stuff? Come C I guess?

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New version uploaded.

Bug fixes:

  • Ships would get destroyed in the landing platform under certain conditions  
  • Refueling and fuel payload had some problems      
    • reducing fuel to 0 didnt work porperly      
    • fuel would not run out in certain conditions
    • shutdown engine sound if out of fuel / ship detroyed
  • Crashes when disconnecting joypad(s)

Previous high refresh rate test version was broken (due to resource compilation issues).

Uploaded new version. Should work now.

Added gamepad controls

(4 edits)

Almost all graphics are free to use resources (i am not a graphics artist).

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Works - good original ideas


1) You might want to put the keys as clickable controls on screen - theres room
2) Maybe reset health when proceeding to next fight
3) Maybe allow continuing from save fight after defeat

(2 edits)

Released minor tweaks and fixes to master version.

Among other fixes:

-if you unload all fuel -> the ship wont end up stuck in landing platform :-)

-analog thrust now uses "analog" amount of fuel not 100% 

-x2 zoom level draw made a little smoother


(2 edits)

Uploaded a test version for high refresh rate support.

This version should allow refresh rates of up to 250hz.

It also might function a little differently as also the collision retection will work at the monitors set refresh rate. The higher the rate - the more accurate the collision detection will be.

All previous Remake versions and the browser version are set to 60hz.
While the Original Amiga Turboraketti was set at 50Hz (PAL)

HTML5 version updated with fixed configurable controls

Now setup screen is also localized (keyboard layout and language)

French and German translations for setup screen not done yet.

Further testing has revealed a lot of inconsistancies and outright bugs in configurable controller handling. Fixing them is ongoing.

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New version uploaded.

Only minor tuning in this release. Adjusted the engine sound levels with 3-4 players to more tolerable levels. But also finetuned 1-2 player levels too.

Also a web version is now playable ^ just check the top of the page. Or download a Windows desktop version as allways.

Some comments:
-i couldn't figure out how to complete the level behind door 2.
-it isnt as clear, as maybe it should be, as to which npc's are enemies, i kept killing the objective npc's :-)

(3 edits)

I implemented configurable controls - I hope you test it out and report back whether your cabinet sticks can be configured properly?

ps its still WIP - theres some usability issue i need to decide upon atleast package above

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Uploaded WIP version of Turboraketti Remake 2020 with configurable controls.

Feedback much appreciated :-)

- If you have statistics on release version TR 2020, do not overwrite your game, just to be on the safe side! Use different install folder.

EDIT uploaded new version - previous  had last minute problems

Amazing free pack. Using it :-)

Would also like to see the Sword when running.

Hey author :-) Unrelated to Sunnylands - I cant find this resource of yours no matter how I browse your content. Why is it available by direct link only?

Very cool stuff you have, THX

(1 edit)

Added Zoom options for better high resolution support

A - automatic zoom when vertical pixels > 1300 (default)
x2 - always x2 zoom
x1 - always x1 zoom

Also OldSkool mode in windowed mode is never x2

Enjoy :-)

(2 edits)

There is no option to change resolution. You'll have to adjust your Windows desktop resolution to a lower setting before playing.

Joystick and pad controls are made to Xbox controller specification and cannot be adjusted (supporting non standard axises would be too much works vs benefits). I have tested an original Atari/Commodore 2-axis joystick with an USB adapter - and it worked well. But this also might depend on the axis mapping of the USB adapter, whether it works or not.

I might do a x4 zoom option for 4K. (Current implementation is x2 the original - and it works well up to 2K resolutions).

Awesome. Thank you for the feedback.

Made it "current version"

(1 edit)

Uploaded a test version. I think its better and doesnt require any settings.

Tell me what u think - and ill fine tune it a bit / make it the master version.

I analyzed this and it is "by design". When you're airborne the ship controls function 100%. But lifting off slow and/or being too close to the platform blocks turning (as long as you're in danger of being destroyed for landing in odd angle).

The Original would destroy the ship quite easily in this case. I wanted the Remake to be a bit more relaxed is this area.

Refit problem fix is uploaded.

Detected a bug: on map Tropulus the green ship doesn't get repair/reload. Fixing it shortly.

Share your thoughts and report any bugs here :-)