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Wow I absolutely love this game! I've only played passed mission 1 but I already love it and the only reason I've only played so little is because of a bug. For some reason when I leave a building my frame rate drops massively. My PC is capable of running GTA 5 at the highest settings so it should be fine with running this game (no offence meant just so you know, your game is awesome!). My drivers are all up to date. Any idea what the cause could be?

Hi, thank you for your feedback! Can you provide me your full PC specifications?

Intel Xeon E3-1271 v3  @3.60GHz 


NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB

Windows 10  Pro

Thanks! Those specs look great, I only have 256MB of VRAM on the machine I created the game on. The framerate will drop for a few seconds on the first time you exit a building (it has to draw the whole city for a few frames) but it should speed up again. Do you encounter the frame drop every single time? 

I'll have a look when I get a sec. I'm working for the next 3 days but when I can I'll run an FPS counter and play the game for a bit then send over some footage to you. I'm pretty sure though that it happens constantly when outside of a building. When I last played it I felt like the character moved very heavily when outside and the cars took a very long time to respond to inputs.

Hey! Sorry for the late reply. Here's a gameplay video I made. I've nevr done this before so you might want to skip through it. :)


Thanks for the video!

Your PC definitely hates running the game for some reason. I've not seen anyone with PC specs as good as yours struggle, which is a bit strange. I'll be honest, it's not the best optimised game (and Game Maker isn't designed for such large rooms) but any modern dedicated GPU should handle it. Perhaps your configuration is a rare exception.

A few general things to try:

-Try turning V-Sync off in the game settings. Also try running with Frame Skip turned on. Make sure anti-aliasing is turned off.

-Check the Windows task manager while the game is running. Is the CPU or GPU at 100% by the game? If the usage is still low, you should be able to increase the priority given to the game.

-I believe NVIDIA GPU's have a software controlled option to clear the cache. This may help, I don't have an NVIDIA card so I can't testify.

-Check all video drivers are up to date. 

-Decreasing the resolution of your main display may improve performance. To be fair, Total Anarchy doesn't look much different in 720p than it does in 1080p.

Hope this helps :)

Oh and by the way, is David Firth a voice actor in this? I swear I've heard his voice on the radio. The humour is so good in this game! Also the beats...big bad ass tunes! I'll be paying for this game.

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