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By a trail for melee weapon, you mean a trail a melee weapon leaves behind that blocks/ harms enemies?
The shodos can get messed up when they're too small, so this might not work.
I might be able to modify the script for it to work but not in the near future.

You should try the asset store, I remember seeing a solution for line collisions there.
If that doesn't work remind me in a few weeks, I might be able to help out :)

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Wow! I'm very surprised you messaged back so fast after such a long while! I am very grateful.

Basically, I'd like to use it as a trail renderer. A character attacks with a sword, and a shodo is drawn from the tip of the sword. It would just be a visual effect and wouldn't need collision. How long should the shodos be to avoid getting messed up? I only plan to ever use it for long lengths since the sword animations would be long.

I check the Unity asset store frequently and I can't find a weapon trail system that can deliver the fluid quality that you have displayed here.

Anyway, I'll be sure to remind you in a few weeks. I'm really happy that you replied back.