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Post has been revised, multiple times, for clarity. Thanks Tartley!

My Cab is running Windows 7 x64. I have not been able to get the fullscreen switch to work at all... Until recently... Up until now I've been doing it through an AutoHotKey script which runs the Executable, and waits for the window to become active (looks for the window title SpellRazor to show up) and then sends "tab" keystroke to the window. This works, but you see a 2nd window (the script) show briefly before the game boots; also, because it waits for the window to become active, game boot time varies, Sometimes it takes 3 or 5 seconds to start with the window hanging in the background. most of the time it starts in one or two seconds, which isn't too bad; I think it's more of a quirk with Love2D than anything.

EDIT: OK, I see what you did there, You're running the LOVE file through an install of the love engine, gotcha. I've hunted around for the .love file of the game and I believe I've found it. Will do some more testing and see what I can do with it.

EDIT_2: Edit again... Holy crap! It worked! Finally! Running it through the Love engine did the trick! Thanks for the assist, Tartley! After some messing around on the command line a few times; I got it to run fullscreen on startup! You're a lifesaver! Just to clarify; you need to run LOVE, calling the file, and entering the command line switch. the pre-compiled version of SpellRazor in .EXE form will NOT work with the command line switch! +1 for the help :) I will need to update my Hyperspin configuration to incorporate this, but it should work like a charm, and take me about an hour to implement. I will, however, retain my AHK scripts for those who may want to use the SpellRazor executable on their cabinets instead.


Complications aside, I've made some major progress with the game and running it under Hyperspin. Here's what I've done so far:

*Added under the MAME wheel; Shows up with all the arcade games running under MAME (using PCLauncher module) I'll post the XML to add it to the database soon.

*Configurations for PCLauncher module and a Postload config have been made to try to get it to load seamlessly as possible; and Exits immediately on Esc key (do you want to quit screen is bypassed completely)

*The most difficult (and exciting) part of all, the keymapping is complete; game is completely playable (even the console to an extent) via the control panel. The solution I came up with is pretty innovative; an xpadder profile has been created to support this game on an arcade control panel using a joystick and 10 buttons (including the 1P start and flipper/coin button) You can view the Control card I made for the game HERE. It's a great compromise to having 29 buttons or so on the control panel. I still have a keyboard handy for console hacking to make it easier, but actually playing the game on arcade controls now; and it controls nicely!

*Created Wheel art and Game Theme for Hyperspin; Theme uses the Game's trailer as the video.

Video of the cabinet runing SpellRazor, all the features, etc to come soon! I've been having a ball playing this game on this setup!

<cheers!> We're all in awe of what you're doing there. :-)

Thanks for persevering. Really, really would like to promote your photos of it running on Twitter etc. when you're done, if that's okay? This is just wonderful. Sorry the command line thing didn't work quite as required!

I guess the ultimate test will be if you can get reasonably far in Insane mode using your setup. I can get to 11+ if I'm careful...

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No problem; I don't mind at all. You're more than welcome to use pics/video of it running on my cab. I'll work on getting some stuff together for you to share today.

I've tried to implement the command line on my cabinet, but it seems to take too long to load sometimes, so the game loses focus as Hyperspin times out and Hyperspin doesn't seem to like it running that way, so I've gone back to using the AHK loader I've created with the pre-compiled executable; it seems to give the quickest load up and most consistent performance.

I've so far gotten up to level 5 in normal mode; As I get used to the controls on my cabinet, I keep getting further in the game. it's only a matter of time. Either way, it's a fun addition.

I'll be sure to update this after I get a video / new pics online.