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Hello! I'm just going to give you some feedback since the rating doesn't allow me to.

1. First of all, I don't know what this game is about. Moving rocks and jumping? I have no idea where this game wants to go. Why am I moving rocks? Why am I ledge grabbing? Is there supposed to be more story elements to the game in the future? Is there a reason to why it is autumn?  Who am I playing? What is my characters goal? Why am I moving these rocks? I think having a clear idea what your game is about and what it's meant to convey is the most important part of game making, and unfortunately you're lacking on this. Maybe you have a great idea and you didn't have the time to implement it, I don't know. Some good questions to ask yourself in the future might be
-  What do the game mechanics tell me about the game?
- What is my goal as a player, and how do I tell the player about what they should do inside the game?
- Do the game mechanics match the atmosphere of the game? Why, why not?

And most importantly, - What is the essence of this game? (And let's implement that as fast as possible)

2. I frequently got stuck below rocks. I could also ledge grab and jump at the same time, which made both me and the rock fly into the air.

3. Is there an ending? I went to the end of the level with the three rocks and levitated up, but there was nothing there. Did I miss it?

4. The levitating thing moves extremely fast with a mouse and I ended up outside the level several times.

Thank you for playing and taking the time to give feedback. We have some story cutscenes that sadly didn't make it into the build that explains the story. We have also looked over the feedback and are working on solving the bugs.  Thank you again for the feedback and thank you for playing, hope you have a nice day :D