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Hello! I'm just going to send you some feedback since I don't have the opportunity to do so with the ratings. (SPOILERS FOR THOSE WHO HAVEN'T PLAYED IT)

1. The camera controls are very hard to use, which is off-putting. I would suggest you using an approach where you have left mouse button as just clicking objects and holding in right mouse button to look around, so I can both click and look around if I want to. 

2. The text when reading the book is auto-scrolling. Fortunately I am a fast reader, but everyone can't read that fast. I think you could have used a button to press like with the inner monologue and dialogue so that everyone has the chance to read your story.

3. I really like the touch with the statue. I honestly think that's the best thing about the game. The reason why it's so good is because in this game, you're meant to explore and pay attention to your surroundings to find out more, and the statue lets you both think for yourself and rewards you for being attentive. I would have loved more of that!


Hi! Thank you for playing our game and for the feedback! 
We have struggled a lot with the camera, we're definitely going to work more on it to make it less obnoxious. Your ideas on how to improve it are very much appreciated~ <3
For the book, we're thinking of having a picture show up instead that the viewer can exit out of once they have read the passage at their own pace. It should make it easier to skim through it if the player needs to check the info again.
We also love tiny details like that, if we decide to continue working on this game, there should be different ways to arrive to the solution and small details for attentive players to find!