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Me once I start using the store:

Regarding performance again: weirdly, my gtx970 runs at 10% utilization and my quadcore 3.3/3.7ghz i5-6600 runs at 20-30% utilization (all four cores pretty much the same).

The lag adds to the trippiness. It's a feature!

Interesting results... my gut instinct would be that the bottleneck is RAM, then... it's usually easier to congest your RAM than your CPU these days. Most of the overhead is the sheer number of instances, not the heavy computations they do (some basic trigonometry and movement) so that checks out as a RAM issue in theory as well. CPU-->GPU transfer might be an issue since I don't really buffer anything particularly optimizedly, but the drawing code is pretty basic so I'm more inclined to think it's RAM transfer speeds.