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Try to do a fresh install (uninstall previous version first), see if that fixes the issue for you. For good measure also remove the left-over files and folders, but back them up first.

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Nope, even that didn't work. Either there are still some undeleted lingering files from previous versions roaming on my harddrive messing it up, or something else is a foot. Shame, as I liked this game. I'll try again in future in the hope this issue will be resolved. For now I'll uninstall and leave it as it is.

Edit: Even tried the steam version, even that one crashes. Guess I'm just screwed. Oh, well... sometimes you win, sometimes you lose.

We're uploading a new build right now, so please try that in an hour or so. It fixes the load problem. Sorry for the inconvenience!

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I've tried it, same problem. Whenever I start the game it will tell me there is a new version available, but it just links to the same version I have already installed (even when installing the supposed new version). Whenever I "Jack in" the game crashes and fails to load (same errors as before). So the load problem doesn't seem to be fixed at all (for me at least or you've uploaded the wrong build).

I'll wait another day or two for another update and I'll try again then. I'll also keep trying the Steam version in the hope that one will work, if not then I'll probably have to give up on it.

When you are on the main screen, does the version say "1.059.031"? If not, then it's not the newest version. If you could send me an output log that would be great.

To send an output_log: Please open Windows Explorer and find the location where you installed FLSM, which should be the "steamapps/common/FLSM" folder. Next, find the folder inside that location called "FLSM_Data" and double click to enter it. Inside that folder you will find a file named "output_log.txt" or simply "output_log" on some computer setups. If you could attach that file to your reply to this email, I will take a look.

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Taking a closer look at the errors you posted, I'm going to guess that you're using an integrated Intel graphics card, which typically is not powerful enough for some games. I'll take a closer look though if you can send the output log.

Do you have an NVidia or other graphics card in your computer? If you DO have a better graphics card, please see this page for info on how to set FLSM (and other games) to use the better gaming card when launched:

I'm currently working on a patch to try to make it work with Intel cards, so if you want to wait a day or so (or maybe even later today) then I hope to have that ready.

Thanks for your patience!

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This is indeed the case (integrated Intel card), although previous versions of the game worked without any problems (and even smoothly). I'll wait for the patch to see if that fixes the current problems, if not I'll send you the output log.

Edit: Ok, got the game to work by lowering the graphic settings to "Good" instead of "Beautiful". There are still some issues (glowing genital areas with custom males and it's no longer possible to move around the glimmer deck), but it works. Now it just needs some ironing out by removing some of the bugs (the editor still has many, even some remaining which were also present in previous versions).