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Enjoying my first explorations of the game. One thought: I'm not always sure which spell I've maxed out when I start getting gold. Maybe a notification when you get to 10, similar to the one when you hit 0?

Also, there seems to have been corruption in some of the accompanying data; Jolt Cola wasn't introduced until 1985. DMB must have been drinking something else.

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Yup. Good idea. Also need to make chests more obviously spew spells, and pickups to give more feedback in general.

And I hate you for spotting that blooper. The tractor feed paper was really crumbly in this area near a fold, so I... um... inserted a likely drink/drug/thing he'd have wanted to spend money on. Initially, I put 'Twinkies' but that just seemed wrong.

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As well, or instead of, a notification, maybe spells that are maxed out could be gently highlighted in your inventory? Actually, I think I much prefer this. A highlight is still useful three minutes later, when you've forgotten which notification you received and which spells you've used since then.

Turn the numbers red?

To me, red suggests something bad is happening. How about turning them yellow (for gold!) or putting them on a colored background? I defer to your proven sensibilities.

Well, it's in the game as fiery red/orange. Let me know what you think. I can always reverse them so that red/orange is default.

Fabulous! That works for me. I hadn't seen the '+' notifications before either, loving it.