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hey xform, ı can't understand but when ı use petite or a vehicle like that and go to garage after playing sometime this approaches:

''properety not found '

wanna continue?'

                                 yes    no

ı say yes but it come s whenever ı press yes and no? it just closes the game

and when ı finish a race game says object instead of properety....

pls help cause it's ur game 

ı used to play this on my childhood but it needed windows 7

so when ı saw my dad didn't got windows 7 ı freaked out and sometime later made the pc crash

and he used to format it 

and now thank you for publising it again

ı wasn't looking at hockwave games for years than ı got a message

'' shockwave is dead''

then ı remembered my childhood and ı cried a lot

and in 2018 u made downloadable version 

now ım so happy thank you xform



Sorry to hear that you're experiencing this crash. I don't think it's possible for us to come up with a solution with the information you're providing. It's always wise to uninstall the game and install it again properly and hope the issue resolves itself. You might also want to try locating your savegame and deleting (moving it temporarily) and see if this helps. Maybe it was corrupted. And of course make sure your computer / operating system meets the system requirements too. Unfortunately, it's a pretty old game and these sorts of problems are likely to appear on a game port like this.

ı tried to copy paste savegame's numbers (ı opened it with notepad) to another new savegame and it worked now my game works properely to get sure ı played but ı was suspicious about something and then ı installed shockwave's unknown pc version (not web) and it worked so properely now ı can play without errors! ^_^