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A member registered May 12, 2020

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ı tried to copy paste savegame's numbers (ı opened it with notepad) to another new savegame and it worked now my game works properely to get sure ı played but ı was suspicious about something and then ı installed shockwave's unknown pc version (not web) and it worked so properely now ı can play without errors! ^_^

hey xform, ı can't understand but when ı use petite or a vehicle like that and go to garage after playing sometime this approaches:

''properety not found '

wanna continue?'

                                 yes    no

ı say yes but it come s whenever ı press yes and no? it just closes the game

and when ı finish a race game says object instead of properety....

pls help cause it's ur game 

ı used to play this on my childhood but it needed windows 7

so when ı saw my dad didn't got windows 7 ı freaked out and sometime later made the pc crash

and he used to format it 

and now thank you for publising it again

ı wasn't looking at hockwave games for years than ı got a message

'' shockwave is dead''

then ı remembered my childhood and ı cried a lot

and in 2018 u made downloadable version 

now ım so happy thank you xform