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i'm so glad you like it! i'm honored to have introduced you to solo RPGs and takuma okada's work in general which is imho genius. also regarding your other comment re: do cards have a "1", i'm pretty sure you're right that they don't and i'm just a dumbass lmao

that said, you could determine if the airlock has been broken or not based on a coin flip or something else and use either 1 or A when you pull an ace depending on the situation!


Thank you for getting back to me! I'll definitely roll with the coin flip method. And hey, the only reason I noticed is because decided to use the "Alone" system for the Beyond the Super Game Jam, after I realized I wouldn't have enough time for my original idea, and ended up making the same exact mistake MYSELF lol.


great minds think alike, eh? it doesn't seem like cards SHOUDLN'T have a 1 until you really think about it...

just checked out your game, it looks awesome and i love the premise. i have it bookmarked to play ASAP :D


Thanks! Have mercy, it's my literal first attempt and I've had to revise a few things a few times (I made this in like 4 days and it was harder than it had any right to be lol) but also, I'd appreciate any feedback. Primarily anything that confuses you when you try to play, opinions on some syntax things, etc. 
But anyway, thanks again and I wish you a lovely day!