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Well let's see, I've got a few game jam ttrpgs that sort of came w/o me finishing in time that I want to complete (probably put them in some sort of After Party pack or something) a One-scene RPG inspired by the Fantastic Fours origin and an "Attack and Dethrone God" game called Four-Color Resistance about sharing power with ppl, a sorta Witch-based Dogfighting game, another Amoung the Stars style game about aliens, etc. 

So I'm working on stuff, it's just taking a minute lol

Glad to have helped, making TTRPG regardless of how straightforward a system is takes quite a bit of work. (I have like 5 RPGs I've been working on since June :'/ )

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Beautiful, gonna snag these and give them my love!

I've played this with a friend of mine and we had a great time! Also recommended it to a friend who runs a youth group and was just told they loved it! Really happy I found this game, you've put together something very pleasant and I look forward to seeing what you work on next!

I've had it in my "to-play" list for awhile and this game jam has kind of gotten me off my butt to finally dive into it. Best of luck to your future game making endeavors!

Hey! Really enjoy the game you put together, was wondering if someone was going to do something like this. (And am weirdly relieved that person won't be me lol.) Seriously love the mechanical design and overall emphasis on "fun through kindness!

Thank you so much, I'm glad you've had a fun time playing!

And I love that encounter! I had a big concern about giving people enough to work with in terms of locations etc, but I kinda hoped letting people describe the overall city, region, etc they're in would balance that out.

Anyway, thank you again for checking it out!

Thanks! Have mercy, it's my literal first attempt and I've had to revise a few things a few times (I made this in like 4 days and it was harder than it had any right to be lol) but also, I'd appreciate any feedback. Primarily anything that confuses you when you try to play, opinions on some syntax things, etc. 
But anyway, thanks again and I wish you a lovely day!

Thank you for getting back to me! I'll definitely roll with the coin flip method. And hey, the only reason I noticed is because decided to use the "Alone" system for the Beyond the Super Game Jam, after I realized I wouldn't have enough time for my original idea, and ended up making the same exact mistake MYSELF lol.

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Hey so, am I mistaken or do Playing Card ranks not have a "1"? Cause page two has a "1" in the options, but me and some others seem pretty sure that doesn't exist. 

Having only very recently gotten into solo journaling tabletop games, this is probably one of my favorites in the in the submissions. I really dig the questions for sort of adjusting the tones of villains and the period to better sorta build an identity around your super when they're not being super

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Hey, I really enjoyed this! It's a very straightforward but really introspective journey, it's very seeped in the beat-by-beat superhero trappings but it paints a very clear experience. 

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So this is my first time doing anything like this, I made it in like 4 days and maybe a sign that game design might not be for me, given how much it genuinely kicked my butt making it. 

But anyway, I hope you enjoy it! And if please check out my game page for other folks you who;s games you should check out. 

I really dig what this game does with the "Alone Among the Stars" style of tabletop RPG. It adds a layer of suspense and risk with each encounter, that can be rewarding and creates a greater sense of progression!

It captures my imagination in a really specific ways and sorta got me started on solo-rpgs, so thanks!

I really dig this game! Bought it earlier this month on DriveThruRPG came over here to give it a positive rating! Keep doing what you're doing, I'm going to share this with everyone I can!

Really enjoyed this! For a simple game there's a bit more mental planning I had to do for it than expected! Plus, I dig the intersection between the mechanics and direct narrative. When you mess up, you don't get a game over, you're just...stuck there. Which is fitting!