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Protoype 4


  • The length of a run displayed at the game-over statistics screen was sometimes not right.


  • Level size has been decreased and enemy density has increased.
  • Air molecules are less likely to appear when you still have plenty of air left.
  • Damage caused by enemies and/or their bullets has increased.
  • Weapons consume a lot more power, but power also recharges faster.
  • Weapon crates are more likely to be found.


  • A simple tutorial has been added to the introduction scene.
  • New weapon: revolver (shoots one bullet, that is faster and causes more damage then the regular handgun).
  • Superweapons: super revolver, super machinegun, super shotgun & the super grenade launcher. Superweapons can be recognized by their red color. They have faster reload times and are more precise. For the moment their bullets are the same as their normal counterparts, but in future releases they are likely to cause more damage.
  • A new background theme: Twilight zone.
  • 2 enemies for the new twilight theme.