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I found the controls fairly accurate and easy too use. Other then figuring out VERY late that if you jump and tap jump at the same time you jump much higher(and i somehow made a power jump at one point that i could never reproduce), the controls were fine and fluid in most cases. I don't know what that guy is talking about. What would have been nice would have been controller input(if there was i didnt see it :/ )

Yeah, I had a hard time trying to make it clear to the player how to execute the high jump. Tried to explain it in the tutorial, but it was kind of a last minute addition. I was making this for a school-related competition, so that's why it seems a little unfinished in that respect and the lack of controller support. I watched your video; it was nice to see how someone reacted to the game. I am also interested in making a longer game out of this and expanding on some of the concepts, so stay tuned for whenever that happens!

Staying tuned