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Go with the flow!, wonder why evry item are green blocks though...good job!

Fun, wish it was longer!

New Update! A bunch of new Stuff! Still as hard though...

Swimming it out! Wish there was more levels.

Very interesting game, just would love it too be longer! Very good concept!

Not enough money to bury granpa? Do it yourself!

A end to a puzzling adventure!


Click, Kill, Repeat, Win! 

Judge and be judged!

Why is there so much ink?? Really this pump better be the size of a tank...

Time to clean up after these filthy humans!

With a few powerups and possibly a map, this game could be a champion!

Silly as hell, would enjoy a multiplayer mode.

Trying to survive a flood has never been as fun.

A end to a fun journey.

Why are govermental basements filled with spikes?!

Now where are you ya damn laser?!

And then i fell, and again...and again...

Being a squid is fun! Enjoy!

Why is a new place so spooky?!?

Staying tuned

I found the controls fairly accurate and easy too use. Other then figuring out VERY late that if you jump and tap jump at the same time you jump much higher(and i somehow made a power jump at one point that i could never reproduce), the controls were fine and fluid in most cases. I don't know what that guy is talking about. What would have been nice would have been controller input(if there was i didnt see it :/ )

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Play, free a shape,repeat, play, free a shape, get my drift, Very enjoyable but would have appreaciated knowing how to high jump properly at the start, but oh well, made the trip a lot funnier! d like to see this concept made into a longer game.

Old school animation has never been more horrifying!

Going deep into Artifical Reality has never been more depressing. Wth beautiful graphics this chapter tells you the story of a man ready to give his all for a cause he believes in!

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Oi, this game was a absolute blast! Loved the management mechanic, having people with different stats makes it challenging and memorable. Difficulty ramps up quickly and the lack of a strafe feature makes it increadibly hard as the levels progress. But all in all, very good game!