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Try using a game optimizer, select the folder with the .EXE in and boost it. If that fails. free up space, unpark drivers or move it to a different drive.

Reply with the outcome please! :D

~Daddy Bleach

Did what u said, I got plenty of space, Drivers already unparked, and moved it to another drive... Nothing, + I launched it as administrator.... Nothing

I really think it's just a problem with compatibility between my Graphics Card and the game :l

Possibly, maybe in future updates it will be compatable.

make sure it fits your pc specs, 32 bit and 64 bit so make sure it's the right one also


Your graphics card should be fine to run the game even at max setings, the game is currently very taxing on the CPU instead. If you try turning off the blur it will be less taxing on the video card but I'm assuming you have a good enough video card where this will hardly change the framerate.

Optimizations coming very soon,


Completely disregard my previous issue, the problem was with my computer, it's sometimes really slow, nothing to do with the game :)

Hey Yoni,

Thanks for clearing this up! hopefully the optimization will let the game run much better on even slow computers.

Stay Tuned!