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The following feedback/bugs/suggestions comes from my personal experience playing the game. That said, I know that the developers wanted to create a game that was simple and fun, but I personally would like the game to be more of a survival game rather than an indie game of sorts (Of course that's just my opinion).


1) I think it is very important to give the player a choice to pick their difficulty... In the current mode, there's too much ammo, too much food, the car is very op (as it does not take damage and can ram down zombies/trees), zombies are really easy to kill and there's very little of them except in the city (the cave/church have very few zombies, I only had trouble with the red ones who run fast), dashing comes with a 0.5 sec cool-down and dashes a long distance (No need to run anywhere), the buffs cost a very small amount of bones(very easy to obtain + Speed Potion gives super speed), bosses are too slow/easy to kill (spray em down with the gun ez pz).

2) There isn't a lot of time to move around as hordes come by really quickly and if you are across the map... (I did read that the more u build the more time u get? Didn't really understand that)

3) I see that zombies spawn in per square, as in every time u walk into one of the big squares on the map, the zombies spawn in, I am guessing this mechanic is put in use to avoid low fps, either way, sometimes when I am running fast (as in the case of the bridge), I sprint really fast and all of the sudden I walk into 3-5 zombies that weren't there before because they hadn't spawned :l

4) Don't know if this is a bug, but sometimes u can use wood to replace metal...

5) The directions to some survivors were very unclear Ex: The farmer told me to fix his fence but I couldn't find it / The girls in the bus told me to collect wood...?


1) When chopping trees, the wood goes flying out everywhere (Very Common)

2) The car can get stuck within the entrance to the hospital if u ram it in there xD (Don't know if it also applies to cave/church)

3) The first time I saved the game, I came back to horde 1 instead of horde 4, I reloaded the save and that time I joined back to horde 1 + camp had disappeared (RIP Gamesave)

4) Survivors go straight through walls to get to your camp (Although I think this is deliberate because making an AI for that would be difficult)

5) The blur doesn't seem to be able to be turned off (There's still some in the edges idk....)

6) In the church, it is really easy to get stuck/get zombies stuck because when u break open a tomb, the parts fall off and can obstruct movement


1) Different options of difficulties with requirements like health on cars, less ammo/food, stronger/faster zombies, more bones required in shop, higher cool-down for dash etc.

2) Add different types of melee/ranged weapons (Although I am sure you guys are already thinking about it)

3) Make the walls/spikes change as they take damage so we can see which one is damaged

4) Add an XP system/ reward system for killing zombies etc. (I know it would be complicated but it would be rather cool :D)

5) Achievements (Very Possible and not that hard to do)

6) Some sort of PVP (After the game is at least 90% rid of bugs)

7) Animals/ Zombie Animals :D

8) Parkour? Jumping on top of cars and so, to avoid zombies from attacking in (In the bridge there's quite a lot of zombies and it's hard to pass by on foot)

9) Building walls/floors/roofs/windows (Makes the game more creative)

10) Different classes? (Personally I prefer sticking with one character)

11) Character Customization!

12) More graphics settings in the options (Shadows, Texture Quality, etc.)

13) A more primitive approach? (Start with a bow and build your way to the pistol)

14) Axes as a faster method of chopping trees

15) Different maps/map creator (Once again, probably already in mind)

16) Stamina bar

Wow, that was a lot of writing, well, thanks for taking the time to read (if u read all of it xD) this and I hope you take some of my feedback and apply it into future updates. :)

Replied to MUIFWEGO in A Game For You

Completely disregard my previous issue, the problem was with my computer, it's sometimes really slow, nothing to do with the game :)

Exactly my point

Did what u said, I got plenty of space, Drivers already unparked, and moved it to another drive... Nothing, + I launched it as administrator.... Nothing

I really think it's just a problem with compatibility between my Graphics Card and the game :l