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Nice tool, thanks! the is any 'Guide' available for new programmer (like few pictures / 1 minute video)? if not is ok, just wondering.

That's a great idea!  I don't have a video available right now, but happy to chat through Discord (if you add me, I'm fmoo#8677) to discuss and walk you through it, and maybe I can turn our conversation into some docs for the github page.

By default, the tools are all drag-and-drop so you don't need to be a programmer to use them, unless you're trying to do something new/special.

Yes I know is drag and drop haha, I guess I just like to see pictures, not a big deal, however I never say no for conversation either, when I have the time I will seat and organize my though about ideas for making your great tool even better, then I pm you. Again this tool are very unique and have great function. Thanks