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Glad to hear, they are lucky to have such a talent artist as their friend :)

This seller has similar art to yours, some of them clearly edits (assuming you are the original artist), I would sort this out sooner then later If I was you.

Your pixel packs are beautiful,  but it looks too much like this seller, enemies, and tiles (assuming you the original):  
It's very clear that one edits the other one art and resells it, some look very similar(clear edits) some look inspired by your art, you should sort this out.

I appreciate the effort, it will indeed match the rest of your art better, thank you for the great pixel art!

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Hi, I will be honest, It seems like this pixel art pack does not have the same Black/white line ending as you got in all of your other pixel art packs, so the way I see it I can't use it with your other animation pocks as it's, please consider adding those lines (or make two versions of it if you want) so it matches the rest of your animation packs.

In the pack image, it seems like you do have it, so maybe I'm mistaken and there is another version of this animation with the white/black lines inside this pack. if so It might be better to put those pictures on the page. or at least show one or two of those.

Hi there, nice art! Are there sprites has 4 directions for walking animations? Any other animations that not writing in the description (like death for example)?

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Hi there, great pixel art, doesn't say if they have 4 directions walking animations, are they? Are they any other animations that not writing in the description (like death for example)?

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Hi there, amazing pixel art! When you write ".PNG sprites and sprite sheet!" what do you mean by that? 4 direction stand images? 4 directions walking animations? One side direction only? please make it clear if they have a 4-direction walking animation or not, thank you

It's very good :)

The following are just my opinion you can agree with or not. The price is fine when you include many sounds of different types of actions (example: different weapons, different areas, and so on), but packs like this one that only gives sounds of one action (walking on 'sand' only, and not walking in many types of areas sounds), it seems over price, just want to share my thought, it's up to you ofc. Your SE/audio is very impressive!

This is a very nice looking, nice animation body!

Hey, great plugin, I would love to see a MV virsion of this, if that's passibble to create. In any case great job!

Hi master2015hp, I hope you doing well. 

Are you still supporting this plugin (and your other plugins in your store)?  Best regards.

Hi ansimuz, I hope you doing well. do you take commission work for one of your creatures for 4/8 direction movement? 

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I will just say it, your art is great, really, However, your price for each animation is the same as a full sheet animation from another artist, even your bundle is a very high price too, honestly, not many will pay such a price! $1-$2 will be the max price for the most expensive once (if you selling 1  type of animation separately like now) and not $3-$10 for some of them as it is now (for many not all). Taking the price down or making a way lower 'bundle' will help many who want to get your animations but do not have the money. I'm sure it takes time and effort so it is up to you, of course.

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Very nice pixel art, could you possibly add 4 directions for guns/shots? I don't mind paying more for this.  

Very nice work. the mixed colors chosen are beautiful. 

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Cool, don't worry about the time it takes. thank you!

Hey, could you add in the feuter a diagonal walk/run? (maybe as a second upgrade/pack), I'm sure there is more dev the use 8 directions. no rush or anything, whatever is working out with your other plans.

best regards,

I get it now, thanks for the detailed explanation, I think in my mind is actually very cool that you can change the Region ID on the tile in 'x,y' location to the region I'd on the Prefabs map. Never sew plugin the not only replace the tile I'd but also the region I'd. 

And I'm looking forward for the tutorial about The 'freedom to handle the tile 'data', thanks again.

So just to confirm the script to change Region ID '1' area with the specific "Prefab"  when using map note will be:

let Name = "MyFirstPrefab";

let changeRegion = true;

letsave = true;

- Do I missed something?

- And how do you define the specific 'Regoin Id' number you want to post the "Prefab" in (with out knowing the 'x' and 'y' location of the region)?

great work as always, please make more 'Effects' packs, is been awhile and they are very useful. 

best Nissan

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Seems like the main plugin "Cyclone Map Editor" not work properly with 'Altimit pixel movement'. 

The location of the 'mouse' not work properly (no console error) with 'altimit pixel movement, probably because the line code lines below  (in the altimit pixel move  plugin), can you try to look it up and see if you can fix it without the need to disable the code lines?

Code line 01: 
var DOM_PARSER = new DOMParser();

  var PARAMETERS = PluginManager.parameters( 'AltimitMovement' );

Code line 02: 
prune.forEachProperty = forEachProperty;

Side question: did you find time to fix the error with this plugin (you said something about making it leading the all map to fix it), at the moment I still can't use it.


Hi there, I hope you doing well. are there any way to change the size of the skills boxes or the exact position of them in the skill tree menu? if not are this can be added in the future? thanks

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Nice, and I think your plugin cover the switch part in a different way, I will have to check and I will let you know. I want to do the change few times depending of a switch player turn off (bu buying a house for example or upgrade it).

About the Pixel movement I'm glad that works after change it a bit. Since yo usaid you have to change the 'inside' of the altimit' plugin for it to work, I'm using specific version of altimit pixel movement, this version meant to give more freedom, I wonder if you can check this version as well (may be useful for you as well), here is the file:

One more thing,, are this system have or could you add an option to change a full region with switch? 

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Got it, sounds good, I'm waiting for the mv virsion then. I will also check it and let you know, if you have time to test it too it will be great.

Side question: Do you prefer MZ when is come to FPS or maybe other reason? Or you don't see a big different the worth convert all the scripts/events from mv (I probably can't change now but just wondering from a pro perspective)?

Thanks for the response, however my question are also for the MZ version, are  this system  will work fine with pixel movement? I assume if yes it will be for both and if not it will also be the answer for both engines, unless I'm wrong somewhere?

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Hi again Ritter, hope you doing well.

About this new neet copy post tile plugin: Would it works as intended with 'Altimit pixel movement'? I know sometime the pixel movement plugin not touch the same functions other plugins that use 'x' y'  location check, so I wonder if this will work too? or it will need a patch/update for that purpose? 

Also I like the new  itch community system :) 

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Hi there, very impressive work, just  got the $5 version, can't wait to see more games you made with this :) 

Hi, very impressive plugins you have here. Do you take commotion for mv plugins? If yes, what the best way to contact you (Email, Twitter, rpg maker forum)?

very impressive, I love your 32x32 icons as well as your animations, I wish to see more animation packs, thank you for amazing work!

Thank you :)

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Thanks for the respond, I  trust your experience. 

Edit: just got it and put it in my project and tried to upload the play test, then I get the following error for some reason, are is something to do with the 'Pixi'? I'm using mv version 1.6.2 so it should be the last Pixi the come with it (4.5.4). do I need to update my Pixi some how? or maybe a plugin? (I tried to update Pixi in the past with other project file but it have problems with other plugins I used so I  drop it and use the mv version).

The error do not appear when using only ' Cyclone-Map-Editor-MV.js', only when adding Cyclone-ExtraTilesets-MV.js

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Hey Cyclone, I hope you doing well.

are this plugin or your Map editor plugin effect Mobile in anyway? Or is work fine on mobile as well? I heard the reason mv didn't come with more then 5 Tileset space was because 'mobile' problems so just want to make sure.

No worries, thanks for the ideas, I will look into this scripts.

Sounds like a 'neat' plugin coming up. 

Quick question about this one though:

I was thinking to use it to call/addvABS items/skills (chorono engine), as you probably know with mog ABS is have an extra 'comment' script he need to call it in the ABS items/skills menu, also is ABS skills/items show up in a separate menu (not part of the default menu).

How will I add/setup a ABS(chorono engine) item to show up? 

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Hey limezu, love your pack, very unique and the art style are very charm :)  I would like to see more gym objects/lifting machines (arms, legs, back, front) if passible. Thank you for such a great art pack. 

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Hey there, Very nice pack, I got the full pack :) 

Another idea, could you add a horse flying sprite sheet with wings, both type on the ground and flying in the air (with legs banding when they fly)? (you can add it as extra pack if you want). thank you for such a great horse pack.

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I really don't  know how I missed your plugins until now, each of them are super helpful for any game including ABS, and you add a lot of information on each of them with a lot of details, Thank you!