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It looks like the ActionBarStart.png and ActionBarEnd.png are the same.  Should one of them have different highlighting?

Yep, it's looking great now, thanks!

No compensation necessary.  Just looking forward to any new cars or terrains or or obstacles or whatever you come up with next.

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EDIT: Thanks for the fix!

The alignment of PixelWheels_Dodge_Blue.png seems to be a bit off compared to the other cars in the set; like the whole layer was accidentally moved down and to the left a bit.

Also PixelWheels_Dodge_Purple.png is only 400px wide, while all the others are 410px wide.

Is there a way to get this component to extrude along negative z instead of positive z?   I tried a quick hack to  Matrix4x4.TRS() to use Vector3.back instead of forward, but the normals ended up getting inverted also, which kind of broke all the collisions.

Stable finally dropped last month.  Looking forward to the update!

Any plans to add a foreground option with like some foreground ice rocks or ice stalagmites or anything like that?

Confirmed.  I had nightmares last night.  😭

This game is legit good.  The ending was worth it.

I feel like I'm going to have nightmares after playing this.

Pretty fun!

Update: I just pushed a new build that restores the ability for the tools to be in a different folder than the .png files

This looks great! Do you patreon?

That's a great idea!  I don't have a video available right now, but happy to chat through Discord (if you add me, I'm fmoo#8677) to discuss and walk you through it, and maybe I can turn our conversation into some docs for the github page.

By default, the tools are all drag-and-drop so you don't need to be a programmer to use them, unless you're trying to do something new/special.

Thanks for reaching out!   Looks like I pushed a bad build.   I know I sent you the fixed build over discord, but I'll be pushing an updated build here in on itch in a little bit.

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Cool character design!

Also, apparently you can move the enemy pieces during your turn and you probably shouldn't be able to.

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Any chance you could add a crouch and a jump (forward/backward frame) for each?  Happy to pay extra.