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either v5 or v6 is gonna be the final build that im gonna work on until i get enough support to make it a full thing

Glad to hear that, any new features were gonna see?

ive been testing out like a few magic based things like attacks eventually i wanna see if i can make a specific type of platform that switched gravity

but the magic attack isn't working out and i haven't try'd the gravity platforms yet not even sure how to do that yet

i will probably start making yt videos before the releases are launched now so u can either join the discord (link above) or go to that yt link and subscribe(u don't have to but its early looks at the updates) i only started clickteam back in november of 2019

and before that i was making stuff on roblox(which i wasnt really good at)

after i get the last test build out for this ill probably go back to working on my other game