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Note to self:

  • Change Potion particle system
  • Pause menu stop flipping
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Thanks for the feedback, really means alot,Ill be uploading small advancements to the game as it goes, since there are still many things left afloat. Such as:



-General progress of the game.

Right now I am focusing on having a "template" if you'd like with basic features and then I can flesh it out, I still have many features I would like to add such as an equip system and a skill tree and magic.

Glad to hear that, any new features were gonna see?

It's alright so far, looks like we had a very similar idea in mind. I have fleshed out the same character and background in my game lmao and I can give you some tips if youd like since I can see lots of bugs here and there:

-Sometimes when landing your character will get stuck in fall animation and then to idle and back again into fall animation in an endless loop

-you can only attack from the right side

-sometimes if you jump and attack at the same time, the attack animation will stay frozen until you attack again.