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It's alright so far, looks like we had a very similar idea in mind. I have fleshed out the same character and background in my game lmao and I can give you some tips if youd like since I can see lots of bugs here and there:

-Sometimes when landing your character will get stuck in fall animation and then to idle and back again into fall animation in an endless loop

-you can only attack from the right side

-sometimes if you jump and attack at the same time, the attack animation will stay frozen until you attack again.

ive fixed being able to attack only from the right side

the endless fall loop i have no idea how to fix 

and the attack animation glitch i have fixed

either v5 or v6 is gonna be the final build that im gonna work on until i get enough support to make it a full thing

Glad to hear that, any new features were gonna see?

ive been testing out like a few magic based things like attacks eventually i wanna see if i can make a specific type of platform that switched gravity

but the magic attack isn't working out and i haven't try'd the gravity platforms yet not even sure how to do that yet

i will probably start making yt videos before the releases are launched now so u can either join the discord (link above) or go to that yt link and subscribe(u don't have to but its early looks at the updates) i only started clickteam back in november of 2019

and before that i was making stuff on roblox(which i wasnt really good at)

after i get the last test build out for this ill probably go back to working on my other game