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Doesn't work. When I start the game it keeps circulating through the menu options. When you finally able to start the game, the character is frozen, I think the arrow keys or something are activated automatically or something. Keeps going to left and top.

Try unplugging all controllers, joysticks,etc. Yes, also those flight sim control-things.

Yes it works! I had a unused controller usb plugged in. When I unplugged it all controls works! Thank you!

You're welcome!

Thanks for helping BubbleKnightMG Jaky ;) we have inserted your troubleshooting into our game's instructions ;)

No problem! Glad I can help!


Hey there BubbleKnightMG! Uhmmm it's the first time someone have this issue. Have you tried those actions suggested by JakyGames

Yup! And it works! Thank you.

Glad that you could solve the issue! We hope you like Fleshforward! Stay tuned as we will release a new demo shortly!

Nice! Is it 3.0? I think 2.0 just got released?

The 2.0 demo is this one you're playing :) the new demo we will release is a completely new one featuring the other playable character and a new part of the story