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I was expecting there might be a monster coming out to own me. At the end, I end up walking through a tunnel and there are lights flashing. Is it the right ending? I feel like I should've used the keys or something.

I don't know if the game was broken, but I couldn't find the beer for the life of me. Did you programmed a fridge in the house? lol

It is good! The endings makes you keep going back for more. I don't know about dream therapist but I would definitely go to a therapist after this XD

This is a good guide if you wake up in class and found yourself with no pants. You know, it's shy and has its own personality and you'll have to find it. 

This is one of the games I enjoy playing and scared at the same time. The vacuum robot is hard and very sensitive even in normal mode. Thankfully if you remember the safe position you can usually out run it to hide! I did however encountered a glitch? My screen is all dark at the end and I couldn't do anything. I'll play again tonight and try to figure it out! 

This definitely is going in the right direction. I wouldn't be surprised if you make it like FNAF, survive the weekend or 5 days! Maybe an extra Yandere? :)

Yup! There are ghosts in the stalls... don't lit the candle in the bathroom! 

Very good mystery build up! I think it's time for the boy to find a new family lol... they left him in the house and he has to find all the puzzles.

This one scene form Jurassic Par always gave me the nightmares! As a child I couldn't watch this scene. I have to face my childhood nightmares! The re-creation of this one theme is just too good!

Very awesome megaman like game! It's Megaman legends done right lol. If this was released way back in the 90s-2000s I would play the hack out of it! Thank you for making the game. Please have a full version, I would gladly pay for it! 

I don't know if this is a bug or i'm missing something, but I can't jump over the fence in the first screen lol

It's a really challenging Siren Head game, probably the hardest. The concept is really neat! What's hard is the maze... I made a 3+ hour appempt on Day 1 and that's enough for me. Day 2 looks the same. There are no save features so you really have to watch out for siren head and plan. Save every bit of your paper airplanes!

Maybe I'm not that bright but I'm stumped on the door puzzle! The angels faces has 4 directions, west, east, north, and south. At first I was thinking oh okay, maybe just 1234 on the door key but nope! Next I thought maybe they are the numbers on the clock so I entered 9306 and nope! Lastly, I thought maybe it was the house number on the letter, 2424... and nope... So I picked the easier version of the game but it doesn't provide anymore hints. Need a little help! Thanks!

Of course! Anytime :)

Well, I think I'm more excited a girl is finally showing up in this guy's lonely life lol... Maybe at the end... he got some before he meet his fate XD... I think I'm just perverted ._.

I really tried to beat the game, but it's too challenging. After spending 3 hours on day 1 i gave up. Sometimes he will appear behind you and other times the maps are so random it gives lots of dead ends. At the end the game stopped being scary and just frustration. The paper airplanes are also random it seems, you can't always have 3 as they are in different places. Maybe I'll try again some other day.

I was fine playing it but... then the dog starts to trying to make everything better. Make everyone not sad and stuff. It just all of the sudden hits you really hard for some reason. Really nice little game! :')

This reminds me of that one movie (which I forgot the name). It's about a dad chopped up the whole family and start making meat steam buns and feed/sell to people! By the time the policy gets involved, everything is... gone... so horrible and disgusting. Friends are not food! 

At first when I thought I beat the game, only to be taken back because I had failed! It's actually a really challenging platformer. You need to run from start to finish with NO stop to be able to make it. Too slow and something eats you lol

It's a really nice horror game! But I REALLY hoped there is a way to save the little girl. It just breaks my heart at the end ><

It's a great demo to what the game can be. Not so much management and you can probably just keep your eyes out for gate 4 and 5 to be okay. There are no oxygen/energy/puzzles to distract you from monitoring the dolls. You can keep closing the doors forever and beat the game I think lol... But keep it going! It's looking great :)

This guy, man... He's a Monkey monster trying to add you to his collection? I thought it was a storm shelter at first. The stair case just keeps going lower and lower and lower...

I wish the girl would run faster! I think at the end the girl is safe? 

This game gave me the chills! Seriously, she seems to pop up out of no where. I got owned lots of times! This is probably what happens if you leave your girlfriend hanging at a date... she turn into an yandere and goes for your life!

Okay, the hints were enough to help me figure out the puzzle. Finally able to finish the demo! Madeleine and the prince makes a nice duel in the story. Not sure about bleeding jelly is... gore but there is definitely the feel when you enter a room with rotten candy smell. Imagine if they aren't candy lol. Would love the play the full version when it comes out!

I don't know man... sending your kid here might be a really bad idea. Even if they survived the ordeal, they will be traumatized for the rest of their live. This Dr is... well... not the funhouse you need to be in! 

I'll give another try! Thank you.

Don't work at KFC or any fast food chain alone... The stalker or the chicken might be up for some revenge! Really awesome concept!

Awesome! Please keep the dog safe too :)

Dia! I think it's a white mage's spell in final fantay series... and this game is far from it. I... gladly made a contribution to the city... 

I definitely don't do stream enough but this girl is taking the stream as a full time job! The art work is really good. At the end though, I found out that I can loop the demo's ending, where the monster keep appearing and Emma has to go through the samething over and over lol . OMEGALUL!

I couldn't get the book puzzle right? There are 4 books, green, pink, red, and blue. I placed each according their description but the last one... pink book has a candy on it's cover so I placed it in the green book shelves. Got them wrong every time! I try matching the color but nope! A little help here? Thanks!

This is... I got more then I thought this game is. I know this is the demo but I WANTED SO MUCH MORE! What the hell happended in this rance? I can't wait for the full release. I need to find out what happened to the characters! Please let me know when it's on steam!

I'm being brewed alive! But I can leave? I... I... want to be brewed into an evil potion! But really, you CAN leave anytime you want to... But whats the fun in that? lol There are only 2 endins but he has lots of things to say so I keep going back and get brewed alive. Very nice concept!

We get to discover Dorian's obsessions... He is what he is and will be forced to face his dark past at the end. Feels like a prologue to a series. Dorian definitely did something to all those girls... Really great game concept.

A game made in 24 hours and have 5 endings? You must've worked your butt off! The game play is smooth and the difficulty is just right. The story you managed to fit in there is just unbelievable. Imagine you were given 240 days, what would the game become?! 

The bigger you grow, the more awesome you get! You get to beat/eat up all those creatures that was trying to eat you before. Persist and you'll be the biggest thing in the world! That is... until you meet certain doom at the end lol

Awwww... I wanted more towards the end! But the game is still full of story telling. Saving Animals is always good :) This game is also released on steam, I'll make sure to show my support! Thank you for making the game. 

I thought the objective of the game was to kill all the furnitures and then... the news guy appeared and he seems to be dying everytime I complete and objective. At the end I think the game was trying to convey don't smoke lol. But still, nice game! 

I really did try my best to please and raise this Anime girl. Then she starts to die for no reason and every choice I make leads to tragety! Then I figured it out... THIS IS THE GOAL OF THE GAME! Finally got ALL ENDINGS after 2 hours of trying. There is a "Good Ending". Awesome game, can't wait for more!