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If you play this by yourself it's okay, but if you play with another person this is super funny! XD

Enjoyed the multiple endings! This game gives a feel similar to bad dream series, except there is no way to turn the story around. Really nice job! Got the first ending within 3min XD


Wow, this is my kind of game! I absolutely dig the pixel graphics and the horror element is awesome! It's a fairly straight forward game with some puzzle solving. I can't wait to find out why is Yuuta doing in the bathroom!

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The art work is just amazing! I know it's about addiction but I couldn't help but trying to make the relationship work with the first girl! I got the addicted ending, leaving ending, and with the 2nd girl ending? Not sure if where is the 4th one. Did I get it?

I'll probably going through this game again after this post. Very nice game!

The game is really awesome! It game me the feel of Little nightmares but without the dreadful feeling you're going to die! This time, you're going to make a cake, but it's not easy getting all the ingredients oh no!!! You'll have to jump on the chicken, hit the switch which "hits" the chicken's head to lay an egg, and climb higher and higher because the ingredients likes to hide themselves!

All for your father's birthday cake.

Did I mention you step on the chicks to kill it? Noooo!  

It's a really interesting game. Makes you feel like you're inside of a nightmare! Will be trying to get the best ending, thanks for making the game! 

I swear! This game just keeps getting more heart warming! I still like Treat the best!

It's a really short but sweet story! It melts my heart! A little short but please continue!

Definitely not what it seems to be! I thought it was a walking simulator but as soon as I went into the closet... everything changes! I hope she finds whatever she's looking for! Let's play hide'n seek!

This game is awesome! I thought it was going to be one of the walking simulation but as soon I went to the closet, everything changes... I hope her brother isn't dead!

It's a really awesome game that was done in such short period! The art work is awesome! Really amazed at a game that can be done so fast!

It's the kind of horror RPG that I love! The monsters sort of look like SCP containment in 8 bit. You cannot out run the monsters though, they either run faster or equal speed at you. The puzzles difficulties are just right for me, maybe I played too many of these kind of games! I highly recommended!

This game is... dark horror comedy is all I can say! Felt like we're in purgatory the first time I played the game. I almost thought it the entire game just keeps looping, but eventually I figured it out!

Really nice horror game! It's a little sluggish but for the most part is fluent. On the final part, if you touch the head without attach the antenna the stone will move but stuck, even with the final position of the antenna it'll be stuck forever and not break the stone piece. I had to restart to get the ending! Video will be up in 3pm central time.

I REALLY like the gameplay of this game! It's point and click yes, but it requires quick thinking and reflex to get out alive! I died a bunch of times trying to escape aunty! The puzzle difficulties are just right, it takes sometime to solve but not too hard. I recommend!

This is just so cute! The cat looks like a ninja but has to do stuff for other people in order to... make it to the end! No spoiling the ending! 

It almost looks like a sad game, but so glad the ending isn't bad! 

It's a really nice short game! Lots of potential that rivals Resident Evil 7. Please keep working on it and hope to see it on Steam!

No problem! Glad I can help!

Nice! Is it 3.0? I think 2.0 just got released?

Yup! And it works! Thank you.

Yes it works! I had a unused controller usb plugged in. When I unplugged it all controls works! Thank you!

Doesn't work. When I start the game it keeps circulating through the menu options. When you finally able to start the game, the character is frozen, I think the arrow keys or something are activated automatically or something. Keeps going to left and top.