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I think this is the Spanish version

I was looking up little nightmares 3 and found this game somehow. This is really well made. It's probably worth the $2 or expansion I would say. If you were the developer for LN I wouldn't be surprised at all! 

It's a very heart warming game :). The artworks and the entire flow of the game really lets you see the world through the little girl's eyes and imagination. 

Definitely lots of work and really captivating story! There are some typos though. But chapter one is looking great! I'm really intrigued on what or who is the monster or the creepy stuff :) 

Bought the game to support you! Keep it going :) 

There are voice acting in this game. And a talking dancing corn! That's all you need to know to play the game :).

No problem! I don't know why it took a year for people to find this game. But I think all you need is one youtuber to play and sort of sets off a chain reaction to others. I found this game by purely by accident as I had been on break for a year. :) Congrats!

It's short horror adventure. I'm actually surprised it is a 386 MB game lol... But seriously, I think the guy in the picture just wanted a girlfriend. That's why he did that at the end :). 

Good boy! It's kinda of okay until grandma showed up. There's something wrong with grandma... I really am trying to protect the animals in this game. Well... Happy birthday!

When you enter a new room, the music resets. It bother me enough to shutdown the game :/. And I couldn't figure out what to do lol

I don't know what is this game. But Mom tells me to collect firewood and refuse to let me inside the house. I climbed over 3 mountains and lots of trees has passed me by. I couldn't find a single firewood. At last, I am lost in the forest and the house is no where to be found. Before I knew it, I had ran in the same direction for like an hour and everything seem to be the same... I'm afraid I'll never see my mom...

This is.. Awesome! The old man is the hero no one really knows. He might've prevented an apocalypse from happening by keep the crazy mutated people in! The poor old people in there... I tried to not kill them. But it really doesn't matter at the end... uploading gameplay right now :). Go ahead and give this game a try! 

Yup, the last thing you need is Greg creating the ultimate toy in the laboratory for Damian to play with. My theory is Greg actually became Curley and it's hunting everyone down. Why else would there be blood letters on the wall? 

Poor little girl that over stayed. I was kinda of expecting more or a boss fight at the end but the story ended :(. It'll be scary if the monster/creatures at the window jumps in and start chasing her. But really well made game :)

Do we need to eat more fruits? I mean Friends? In the eyes of the monster, things might seen a little different :)... Feed Lamu!

I don't know man... who is that got left behind? The main character's grandma? Or... someone else? I felt sorry for John that he had to deal with this XD. Makes me think ;)

There's a reason that I don't have pets. Because I know I would get too emotionally attached. I have allergies for cats and dogs so that made the decision easier. If I get a cat in the game, you bet I would do everything I can to protect it. Even in denial I'll give it a good ending!

This is... unexpected at the beginning. I thought the person was good person until food ran out lol. I guess he had to get food somehow. Nothing is free! Then at the end it kind of reminded me of Rusty Lake Roots. Not to give so much spoiler :). 

This is actually really scary. It starts you off with regular mix and bake game. I really thought I could take a break but nope! It got dark real fast lol.

Of course! And thank you for stay true to RPG horror! :')

This is soo good! I haven't played anything like IB and the witch house for a long time. I'm going to savor every last moment! Making multiple saves so just in case there are multiple endings I can back track :)

Video up in 10am central.

That's right! Don't stop for anything and don't talk to strangers! Their ways are just too much for you to handle. We will have fun, we will have meat, and we will have cake... made out of you! Nicely done with this game! 

The concept is awesome and well executed! Lots of times I thought something would come from behind and eat me. Well, not to spoil anything but it has the fear concept down! I will say though, if you are being chased with a burger on bike, you would pedal a lot faster! XD This guy definitely need a better flashlight and stop going out to get burgers late at night! 

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The last boss is a little hard... but not too bad once you figured out his pattern. I had to stop talking so I can concentrate! You may want to put a warning for those people that are afraid of bugs lol. Feels like Resident Evil side spin story. If you can add the option to reload while running that'll be great! 

This is... perhaps one of the weirdest horror game I've played. It's borderline psychological horror. The nightmares the protagonist have is hovering between reality and his imagination... a unique experience! 

I wouldn't go near those pigs ever! There's something about the way it's drawn and especially the eyes that creeps me out. This must be the pig hell, out of all the hell levels! 

The things this guy going through maybe normal. But when you going through the story, it gets really creepy. And I keep feeling sorry for the man!

Don't let Jacob kill you! Respect the sheep XD

That's pretty scary. Imagine if you are all alone in the dark, Michael creeps up behind you and say, "Vsauce, Michael here. How fast can you run...?" lol... The developer got the idea! It's horrifying and funny at the same time XD. 

The game starts to tell a traumatic story about the girl's past. But I feel it isn't complete... I mean, she walked away with the beat at the end and I didn't know what or who is the ghost. But it still has the creepy scary vibe. Could also use a little bigger sprite though :) 

Doesn't run :(

OH! That is great news! That's what I felt in the game. A few more pictures and events and this is perfect! Looking forward to the update :)

The environment and set up is really good! I feel the game could use some more pictures to illustrate the story better. Especially with the events and endings. But man, you got me thinking that I was playing the witch house! 

Thank you! I thought you have to pick up the rabbit doll or something. :)

Crazy clown that wants to play games with you. Just... don't fart...

This is really good! The little girl reminds me of the witches house. Thank you for translating into English! I couldn't get Ending one... is there a guide? 

Yup! This is what happens when the impostor wins!

I love the sequel! The hulk guy deserves come huge credit for going in alone.

I love Barrett!! XD She is!

I felt like I was watching a movie when playing. The art work is amazing. I think I did manage to get the good ending though :)