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It's a short, abstract experience.

The gameplay consists mostly of getting from point A to point B. there are a couple of obstacles, like a "stealth" section with bees or defusing a larvae-like creature. It's pretty good for what it's going for.

Graphically, it looks like something out of a ps1, but displayed at a much higher resolution. That's not to say that it looks bad. The visuals are weird, but they fit the theme of bugs.

Nice ambient sounds, though there is a loud and obnoxious explosion at the very beginning of the game.

The controls are a bit stiff, but responsive, and the animations are basic. The only technical issue is the mouse cursor doesn't lock in when you run the game in the windowed mode.


Good luck with your future games.

Thank you for your critique. I had a hard time trying to balance the sounds and music in Unity. This was my first solo game and I definitely plan to keep learning! When I have time I will try to fix the explosion volume and add cursor locking.