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Hi there, I played through the demo, and I'm not sure if you're looking for any feedback on it...

  1. Jump height is great; I was worried in the first scene how to get up to the door, but then I realized Bae has a really high jump
  2. As I walk, there seems to be a kind of jitter with the background layers; have you noticed this? (I'm running Linux if that makes a difference)
  3. I don't have a gamepad handy, so using the keyboard, I actually prefer the arrow keys plus left-shift / Z / X / C for default platformer controls
  4. Does Construct 2 have a way to hide the mouse cursor?
  5. The ESC key only toggled me out of fullscreen but couldn't toggle me back into fullscreen (very likely could be my Linux tiling window manager setup)
  6. Gun upgrades are hard to understand; seems like damage up only?
  7. It's a little unfair that the turret's shots don't have a maximum range, compared to the short-ish range of Bae's gun
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Thanks so much for trying the demo out! I really appreciate it and super appreciate the feedback. Always welcome :)

  1. That first jump is intentional. Specifically set it high so the player immediately realizes how high they can jump. Also that there is variable jump height (longer you hold down jump, the higher you go).
  2. The jitter has been brought up. I have lerp command set up on my camera so it doesn't immediately snap to the player and generally moves smoother. The problem is, once you stop moving, the camera jitters 1 pixel to the left and right until it settles. I plan to fix this.
  3. The full release will definitely have multiple control schemes and (hopefully) customizable controls.
  4. Good call. TBH I forgot about this or would always move the mouse to the edge of the screen. I'll add it to my update list.
  5. I was only able to test the demo on Windows and Mac machines. Both allowed toggling of fullscreen with ESC. TBH you're the first person I've heard back from who used a Linux machine! Obviously I plan to track down a Linux machine for the full release and will keep an eye out for this issue.
  6. Currently there aren't gun upgrades. The only pick-ups are batteries (health) and the keycards (open doors). I plan to add a dialogue to the first battery pick-up so players understand it's purpose.
  7. Agreed! And in general, I have too many turrents. I plan scale back on them and tweak their firing range.

Thanks again for the feedback. This is my first (full) game and I really enjoy hearing back from people regarding what they think of it. Take care!

EDIT: I also love that you referred to Rae as "Bae".