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Thank you, appreciate it! The only problem is I'm still not sure wich direction I want to go with it gameplay wise. But at least it's fun to program a living scene, like with the flies and the bar, etc.

I'm also getting a bit of a cyberpunk / distopian future feel from it. Maybe it will be a game where the player is an illegal virtual reality dealer or something.

 Love all the finer details you've added, and a Cyberpunk future feel would be great direction i think. I'm definitely interested in it

I have the basics going for a drug dealing sim :). Next step will be expanding the street. So stay tuned...

This is awesome! I'm even more impressed! I love the concept and I actually would play this, become a drug lord!

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Hey, I need some advice. Do you think this background looks good? I personally feel it's somehow a mismatch with the foreground. I tried making several layers of parallaxing backgrounds, but that makes the foreground look really flat.

exmaple jpg

hey honestly i think it looks great, it fits and i don't think it makes the foreground look flat! It definitely makes the city feel larger and complete