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thank you so much Lukas 😃😃


thank you! Means a lot and keep me posted with any releases 🙂

hmmm strange! Are you able to buy other things? 

I haven't used many, but I see many devs using unity with them! 

yes of course 😄 

thank you! And will be adding some soonish 😀

There will be in the full version 😃

thanks fox 😁 🦊 

thank you!! And added it to the list, this guy will get an update at some point 😀

thank you! I haven't really used game maker, but the idea is make the hero and gun as separate objects. Pin/link the gun to the hero, and make the gun rotate towards the mouse/cursor 😃 

Hope that helps points you in the right direction! 

Thank you! And Potentially 😃

Ty ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Thank you! And excited to see them!

Thank you! And that's a good idea! Could happen 😃

thank you so much vexed ❤️


Weooo <3

Thank you <3

Hey just played on mobile, super fun 😊 😊

Fun Game :)

Hey thank you! And yes!! I love doing them and will plan some more soon 😀

that's something I'm going to address in the new demo! 😀

Hmmm very strange? What browser? Maybe try a different browser or download the desktop version and let me know what happens!


yesssss!!! Awesome, ALMOST best my high score of 65000 😃😃

thank you slenker!! Means a lot to me 😃😃

You should get some every run! What are you playing on?

hey I'm not sure what you mean!? 

Very nice catch! Thank you 😃 

thank you 😃 😊 

thanks for the feedback 😊 just curious what you were playing on? Mobile or PC?

Gdevelop 😃

thank you 😃 💖 bigger better version may be coming to steam soon 🤫

They aren't the best! If I make a full version that will definitely be addressed 😄

hey Ashchen!

Awesome video! very entertaining 😃 Thanks for playing and sharing


lmao 😂 😂 I have no clue!

And I'll keep an eye out for that!

Not this version! If I expand it will definitely 😃

Like just died or hit by an enemy in the corner and died?