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Hey! Sorry about your loss :( and thanks for the support :) I'll add in the missing parts soon <3

Thank you! can't wait to see it added :)

Thank you <3

Hey! Thanks for the support ☺️ means a lot! And everything from my tutorials can be used commercially in your games!

Thank you! <3

It's in the ancient caves tile set! 😃 Sorry for the confusion 

Ty 😊 

Thanks Spinola, always appreciate it 😊

Thank you!! 😊

Thank you spooky! 😄 

Lovely 😍

Hey! You probably bought the bundle right before I made the new bundle, give me a message on discord or an email and I can get you the new tutorial!

As for the refunds I have no control

Thanks, Pen 



Thank you Fox! <3

Hey! They are really large video files, since there's no edits the videos can be 1 or 2 hours long

If you have access to quicker download speeds you might want to try that and put them on a USB stick

it's about an hour long!! 😀

adjust your pivot point in engine. Join the discord if you want help, you don't need to center the sheets 

hey! Yes it's separate 🙂

Thank you! And it looks very familiar indeed, thanks for pointing it out!

Thanks Piotr 🙂


Thank you! The main reason Stranded has slowly drifted away from isometric is to keep the assets beginner friendly. Stranded has been getting lots of love but I haven't seen many using the isometric tiles and just using the assets in a top down way, so I think it's best on both ends :)

Thank you 😊

😂😂😂 thank you!

hey older packs are cycled in something called the rotation bundle 😀 


thank you so much for the support way back then! ❤️😀

Hey! Move the cursor over top of the buy text and click! Apologies, the full version, purchasing works with buttons 😀

hey thank you! And anywhere between 8-10 fps will be great! 

yes! This will be in the 2024 package that will include 12 tutorials from each month of 2024 😀

Hey! Added jump/fall/land, will add more soon! :)

Planning some animations :)

Thank you! added a jump/fall/land, will plan more :)

Thank you! Planning some more animations

Added :) planning some more hero like animations!

thank you! ❤️


thank you! <3

Thank you! ITs in the aseprite of you really want it, I think most devs would prefer to do reflection in their game engine though!