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ty 😊 


Thank you ❣️

thank you! can't wait to play it! I gotta finished the Airs/Earth spells for you Kolah Game soon!

hey! 16x16 tileset 😃

Hey! I apologize the tileset PNG was in the tiled files and it's 16x16, 

Fixing the misplaced tileset right now!

search for 04b03 on! 

Thanks Jomy <3

Excited to try! Awesome job Spinola 😀

heyo!! Thanks so much 😀😀

thank you Spinola!! 

Thank you! And that's a solid idea :)

For as long as I can! No plan of slowing down anytime soon :)

Hey, just checked the folders, there's an idle animation, and a warp animation and they look exactly like in the gif. The gif also has the tileset environment around it... Some marks on the ground, etc. Everything looks fine and it's definitely not completely different.

thanks G funk 😃

hey thanks so much!! Thanks for the feedback and thanks for becoming a Patreon 😃

I'll try to implement those! I do want to tackle an update on this pack soon! 

hey of course!! 😀

thanks so much again Salerius! And of course you can 😊 

thank you gif!! 

just checked it out!! Looks amazing, thanks for telling me 😀

Thank you so much Salerius 😀 means a lot!

Thanks zaksley and will do 😀

thanks Lemon!! And you should 😀


Hey sure, I only separate the ones that i think need to be separated! do you want them all separated in both packs?

Thank you so much electriclemon!

thank you so much greenthumbs!! 


thank you Alien!! 😀😀

Thank you Fox, always appreciate the support 😀

😂😂 what happened? Maybe I can clear it up

A++, great use of all my assets! Awesome job :)

Nevermind found it already!!

AMAZING USE OF ALL MY ASSETS!! so good Spinola!! When and where can I play it!

This looks awesome!!!! Great Job :)

ty 😃😃

thank you!! And can't wait to see it 😃😃

thanks boxhead 😀 can't wait to see yoh implement it!

Yes working on the boss animations! Just included a fallen guardian static sprite with this tileset 😀

Hey thanks for the feedback! I'll try to make it more presentable!