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This feedback is for V1.3 of the game! (However within the actual game itself it says V0.2 so just be careful with that)

Aaah where are the buns?!  It's really interesting to see how this game has changed, I'm really liking where it's at! Being a fan of monochrome myself (how did I get here), I really enjoy how this game looks. I'm going to list a few things that I  enjoy about the game and then a few things I feel could be improved upon (in my own opinion!)

What I enjoy:

  • The movement, having the player constantly chasing the mouse isn't something that's seen too often, it's different and it feels effortless which I really enjoy.
  • The enemy variety is good, having different types of enemies keeps things fresh! The enemies are also somehow really intimidating which is great!
  • The UI - it's not too complex and looks quite nice. 
  • The tutorial was helpful (as a tutorial should be) - however I would align the tutorial text with the middle of the screen and make it a little larger, with everything else going on inside of the tutorial's environment, some players may miss some of the  tutorial text. I would also consider making it so that the player must complete the tutorial before being allowed to play, as some players might just ignore the tutorial and then not know how to play once they get into the game.

Some things I think could improve the game:

  • I mentioned before how I liked the movement, which is still true, however when being chased by enemies I was finding it difficult to shoot behind me as I kept just turning and running directly into the enemies , maybe having some kind of way to easily attack enemies that are chasing the player could be something to consider? (Perhaps giving the player the ability to drop traps or bombs or such which would eliminate the enemies behind the player whilst the player continues to run and shoot the enemies in front of them)
  • The health collection orbs are good to have in as they prolong game-play, however, I feel like you should make the player work for them, maybe enemies could drop them on death?  I would also consider possibly changing  maybe either the colour or the appearance of them in a way that makes it more clear to the player that it's health, as I initially thought that they were ammo refills.
  • With the enemies, I feel that it'd be good to have some variety in what the enemies do.  Maybe having the medium sized enemies as rangers or something along those lines could be interesting to mess around with?  I also feel that the larger enemies should take more hits to kill - it doesn't really make much sense that the large enemies and the small enemies both have the same amount of health!

I'm really excited to see how this game improves! I hope my feedback is helpful, if you want to discuss it with me just drop me a message! :-)

Thanks for the feedback Ant, it is super helpful and I know they bunnies have completely gone, it's crazy!

I can see what you mean with shooting behind the player and I have a few ways to fix that so thanks for letting me know. With the health pick ups I'll try to spawn them on enemy drops then it becomes a risk and and reward, potentially the bigger the enemy the more health they give that way it gives an element of high risk/ high reward. Enemy challenge is something that I'm trying to improve on and surprisingly I had enemies that shot at the player I got rid of them so they'll definetley be coming back, same with the enemy health, that's actually something that other people have been suggesting too. I'm so glad to see that you're enjoying the process and I can't wait to see the final product of Monoshift too!