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I tried to play in a keyboard but al the on-screen commands are presented in controller buttons, I have to press Esc every step to figure out what I am supposed to press, there is no way to remap the buttons on the keyboard and gets confusing, I'm on a laptop so using End, Home, PgUp and PgDwn requires button combinations.

The game looks pretty cool but this makes it annoying.

Yeah, we know, playing with keyboard is not the best. We'll release an update of the demo with different inputs (no PgUp | PgDn) while the full game will have full customizable interface!

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Good to hear ,too many devs leave keyconfig at the bottom of the list and ,come release day ,loads of gamers can't play their game.  Nothing worse than having keys stuck on WASD or camera hard-coded to the arrow keys which a lot of gamers use for movement. 

Anyway ,nice intro video ,like the humour :) but would have been nice to see a bit of gameplay included.

Though maybe it's by design to make you download the demo :P

Yes, it worked :)