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Oh wow... This game was such a masterpiece <3

Character design and development was on point. The plot itself was also very original. The art was nice, and the music fit perfectly with each situation. The opening at the beginning of the game made it seem even more professional!

I played each route in the order of your recommended order, and it worked out quite well! And, in each route, I fell in love with the characters again and again. So far I've only played through the good endings of each bachelor (I got too attached to them) but I'll play through the bad endings once I stop being such a wimp lol.

Throughout the game many things happened to me emotionally. I laughed, I cried, I squealed like some crazy fangirl. What stayed the same though, was my interest. Usually, when I finish a route of an otome game, my excitement goes down a bit for some reason. That never happened with this game. Each character was written and fleshed out so well that I truly felt a connection with them. This also goes for Lucette and the various side characters.

Even though this is fictional, you've really made them seem like they could somehow come to life. Sure, there were witches, fairies, and all sorts of magical things, but the stories behind every character felt so...real. Personally, I felt that Lucette's initial feelings towards other people and her strained family relationship could be relatable to many people.

All in all, this game was beyond amazing. To anyone else reading this, you should really give this game a try! Your life isn't complete without it.

Hello! Thank you so much for writing your thoughts about CP! We really appreciate every bit of it.

We're glad that you enjoyed playing the game. Thank you so much again for giving CP a try!