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Hi! I'm curious about this line: "Make role-playing choices for two different kinds of romantic adventures with each love interest!" What does it mean the 'two different kinds' exactly? I'm intrigued! 

I'll download the demo right now <3 


Hi!  In the final game every love interest's route has two possible good endings. How your romance progresses and which ending you receive depends on role-playing choices you make throughout the route.

For instance, Will Scarlet is a daredevil. If you pick his route, you have to decide if you enjoy jumping into the danger zone with him or if you prefer to be a more strategic decision-maker. This will affect how your relationship develops and the challenges that the two of you will face as a couple, leading to different kinds of endings. Hope that helps!


That seems like an amazing twist in traditional routes' endings! I love it! Btw I played the demo and so far Will is my favorite, so that example was perfect haha