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High-res/ svg export would be amazing! You make things that inspire!


It looks like the bigger the screen, the bigger the image generated :) so maybe there is a good way to trick it into generating print-quality images


By messing with my screen settings I was able to get cards of about 749 x 1260 pixels (per card - the png images I got were bigger). That is *almost* the image size required by a POD tarot card service.

I will add svg export: these are vector images, so it shouldn't be too hard.


That would be amazing!


Any updates for svg export? Thanks in advance!

I've just implemented a universal method for converting my graphics to SVG (for Perilous Shores) so I might as well try it out on this. If everything will be OK, there will be SVG export in Procgen Tarot within a week.

SVG export is here.




Here is a trick (for Chrome): set the zoom level to 25%, click the "Enter fullscreen" button, then choose "Save image as..." in the context menu. The resulting image will 4 times larger than your on-screen image.