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Nice game, i liked the message of the king being on the top of all that structures and also the vibe, the feeling created was authentic.

Things i would say you could upgrade on the game for now
- The stamina bar is barely visible and i only saw that i had one later in the game, you could make it more visible somehow or add something that express you're losing stamina like the man start grunting or making exhaustion noises, that would say you are getting tired.

-There's one part in the game that i think you need to jump one wall from another(atleast i did this way), i find it hard to connect jump between the walls because of the game works, maybe you could level design better angles or polish some of the jump mechanic/switch walls jump.

-The only thing that annoyed me was that the king was in a pathernon, it looked like a greek philosopher, the image you got had a small human holding his cape(or something like it) and the blood mostly the blood, it needs an upgrade. The greek image resembles me a emperor not a king, so thats about what i'm saying.

-When you look down while climbing you still go up if you hold the up key

-You could approach in a more philosophical way on the village people, i found the phrases somehow cliche (that's up to you, not really necessary)


-The colors, i liked it very much

-The images for the "poor" people blurred was very cool

-The sounds were on point

-The fog realy combines with the game

-The feeling on climbing was good

-The game got a good time to be beaten

-The killing animation was good

-Most important, i got a good feeling playing the game, very chill and majestic

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I think the creator is doing a little more polishing on it before he makes a whole new thing on the same idea.

He also has said that some of the game design isn't the best because it was a game jam game so he had limited time.

I'm not sure about the stamina bar thing, it's 1/6 the width of the screen but isn't too high to get in the way of the player's site, if someone needs to see their stamina it's not hard to just look down for a half a second to check it.

For the wall jump part, are you talking about the part right before the bridge to the island with the slide? (You have to jump onto a differently angled part of the wall and then onto the bridge) That part can be tricky if you haven't gotten a hang of climbing and aiming your wall jumps, but besides that it's not really hard.

As for the king I think the part with it looking like a pathernon is partly him going into the greek/roman (a bit weird) fusion and the fact that he didn't have too much time to do it (game jam) so he most likely made what wouldn't take long but also looks fansy, so something made of marble pillars and blocks, the king's sprite is from a statue of Augustus Caesar (the statue's name is "Augustus of Prima Porta") which is most likely the reason (it being a statue with one color) he colored the whole thing yellow, and the baby thing came with it and would most likely have taken a good chunk of time to delete with out having that leg look bad. As for the blood, I think it's just because of how little time they had since it was a game jam, so they used a very simple brush to paint the red on a bunch of all those sprites to make an animation.

Emperor and king are mostly the same (with emperor geernally just having more power/land unless you are bringing it up because it's KOTH and not EOTH.

Okay no, it would not be good to have the up and down arrow's uses switch just from looking up or down, that would mean when ever you want/have to look down but still want to climb up you have to switch which key you are using, it's a lot easy and gives a lot more control to always have the up arrow go uo and the same thing with the down arrow (eccept down wards).

I agree with the pros, though I do have to say that the poor npcs and the king are both pixilated the same amount, the king is just bigger (most likely so you jumping to kill him makes sense.)