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"current version: 1.2.0
- Improved performance & add feature to check for unlocked % of a map

How do I check for unlockd % of a map? Is there a script call or plugin command that I have to use? The help file doesn't really mention it.
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You must have forgotten to refresh the plugin after replaced it. Remember to refresh the plugin, or it may cause error.

I copied this from the plugin's help section:

 *   now you can checked unlock percent of any map using this Plugin Command
 *   mapUnlockedPercent mapId
 *   - mapId = 0 => current map
 *   - mapId = any numbers > 0 => that map
 *   Note: you must set plugin's param save_minimap to TRUE for this to work

One more note that is, a map only get saved when player leave the scene map (open menu/ transfer to other maps)