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I totally understand. But newbie or no you have something really high quality here.

What might work for you is if you set it at a higher price point and then have a "Just Published" sale where it's at $20.

Sorry if I'm bugging you, I'm just really passionate about artists getting paid what they're worth. I will totally drop it now. Lol

You're not bugging me. I appreciate the sentiment. ^^ I'll be keeping the price what I've promised already, but I'll definitely keep this in mind moving forward (another collaborator on my team agrees with you and made a similar argument). I still think $20 is fair for a debut title from a non-triple A company, but I admit freely that business is not my strong suit... ^^' I may charge more for a "special edition" version of the game in the future...

It's extremely likely that I'll raise my prices on my next project. We'll see how this first one goes!

Thanks again for your comments!